Friday, March 11, 2011


So I have been slacking on nail art these days. I did one last week, gave me hell but I didn't get to snap a photo.
A lot of things went wrong while trying to achieve the nail art:

  • Konad stamping went a bit crazy since I was doing it in my room rather than the usual place, the bathroom.
  • My left pointer finger kept getting scratched or messed up somehow. I had to remove and re-apply base coat, nail polish and Konad design.. 
  • My Seche Vite top coat got all gooey on me so I had to use a different one. Thank goodness I had one. 
  • My rhinestones fell off, I only had them on my ring finger. 
The lack of my presence on here has been killing me a bit. So I created a youtube video of a collection of all the nail art and nails I've had over the year or so. Here it is: