Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

After the M&M nails I wanted to do Skittles inspired, then Tron inspired. I thought I should go with something simple yet cute and I was gonna hold off on the other ideas. What got me to do these nails is the beautiful weather that's occurring in my area in January. Awkward but very nice :) I also entered Daily Nail's contest to win the American Apparel nail polishes that are sooo gorgeous! I hope I win! :)
Today I came up with this design:
1. I started off with a base coat, the same jumbo bottle from Sally's Beauty Supply.
2. I used OPI's Moon Over Mumbai until it was blend between translucent and opaque.
3. Using OPI's Black Onyx I dotted on the pedals of the flower, some 5 pedals and some 4.
4. Took Milani's yellow nail art and made a yellow dot in the middle.
5. Taking a 2mm rhinestone I covered the yellow just a little so on some of the nails the yellow peekaboos under.
5. Took Love & Beauty from Forever 21 in Teal and a 10/0 brush from Simple Simmons art brush and made the stem.
6. Finished the nails with Seche Vite.

I decided to upload that video. Here it is!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two In One.

Before going to NY I did a quick nail polish to help my nails keep strong after the acrylics popped off. It wasn't anything special. Just 1 color and stickers.

When I came back I did this design with more stickers:
1) Primer
2) OPI'S Black Onyx
3) Wallgreens nail art sickers
4) Top Coat

Just yesterday, Tuesday, I got sick of looking at them and decided to do something fun. So I did M&M nails.
1) Primer
2) On the thumb I used LA Colors' Static Electricity, the pointer finger OPI's Atomic Orange, ULTA's Candy Red, Hot Topic's basic green and Milani's yellow nail art. 
3) Seche Vite top coat.