Friday, August 5, 2011

Herro Kitty :3

I really loved this nail design, I loved it enough to do it on my toes (minus the fimo). I'll dive right in to what I used to achieve:

  • Beauty Secrets base coat
  • Love & Beauty Teal
  • Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
  • Wet n Wild Prancer
  • On the ring finger I used nail glue to hold the fimo, I took 15 seconds to hold it down to curve with my nail and for the glue to harden.
  • Seche Vite top coat
I did the similar on my toes except the top coat. I think that it'll be easier for me to remove since I don't like having nail polish on my toes for over a week. Seche Vite makes it hard for nail polish to be removed, sometimes a good thing and some times a bad thing.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows pt2!

For the movie release I decided to do something pretty grand. 
Left Hand:
Thumb: Godric Gryffindor's sword
Pointer: Golden Snitch
Middle: Classic Gryffindor colors and golden glitter lightening bolt
Ring: The Elder wand
Pinky: A silver doe
Right Hand: 
Thumb: Nagini
Pointer: Invisibility cloak
Middle: Ravenclaw's diadem
Ring: Harry's wand
Pinky: King's Cross

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Collection!

This all the nail polish that me and my sister have collected over many many years. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's New?

Not a lot, actually. I do have a review I'd like to put out and what I've done with this product. I'm reviewing 'Kiss Everlasting French' faux nails, which can be purchased at any drug store.
This product isn't as spiffy and complex as salon acrylic/gel nails. I personally love my natural nails, I cannot stand having such heavy layers of anything on my nails, imagine acrylic! I've tried acrylic nails twice before and they're just too much to deal with and too chunky, not matter the thickness. These however are what breaks my opinions on faux nails in general. I thought, "Since it's cheap it might be okay." I ended up loving it! At this moment in time I am not wearing a pair because I only wear them when I don't have time to do my nails for an event (which is rare!) When I tried them the first time they lasted a week. Towards the end of the week I noticed the shine had gone and there was a bit of wearing on the edges. I realized that when I peel off the nail (lifting tends to happen) some of my real nail peels off but when they pop off by themselves the nail is perfectly fine! The glue that comes along is a gel glue and it has pink undertones so it looks even more natural. The glue doesn't damage your nail, which is a bonus because now I use the glue for rhinestones and sticking the rest of the faux nails on a pencil to do some art. If you're the type of gal that loves faux nails and cannot afford the salon price or time that it takes then this is a good place to settle because you will not be disappointed. Even the application process is simple! All you have to do is drop a tiny (less than half dime size) drop of glue on your nail and the faux nail and place, hold for 5 seconds (I hold for 15 for better results) and voila! 
The last time I wore these I decided to up the fun and add glitter. It was a pain in the neck because glitter goes EVERYWHERE. I do my nails in my bathroom almost always, like 99% of the time I'm stuck in the bathroom with my box of polishes and nail tools. By the time I was done my bathroom floor and rugs were beautiful because there was so much glitter, haha. I also find better ventilation in my bathroom and the smell doesn't bother anyone in my house. ;) I did these nails back in May and here are the results:

  1. When I opened the box, I pretty much knew the size of my nails because they're tiny. The picture doesn't do any justice because it's a close up macro picture. I didn't stick them on right away (which would have saved me soooo much time!) D:< But what happened happened, you learn from your mistakes :3
  2. I didn't do anything fancy like glue the faux nails on a stick but I did use tweezers. I once bought Sally Hansen clear top coat in 'Clear'd For Takeoff', it took forever to dry on regular nails and thought it'd be perfect for the job. I used it to cover the white French tips. 
  3. Using the tweezers I dipped the tips into the glitter. This one here is black which I purchased at my local craft store. 
  4. After a few times dipping the nail tip in glitter I let them dry off. After drying I took a brush (my typical Simply Simmons 10/0 paint brush, I use for detailing) to brush off excess glitter on and under the nail. 
  5. Coating the nail with a few thick layers of Seche Vite to seal the glitter in and give a smooth surface. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reunion & Birthday nails.

I've been slacking a lot with my commitment with youtube and my blog. I feel sort of obligated now that I'm on summer break. Though I only have 2 followers I feel that someday this blog will be a cool spot for cool kids to nik my ideas... someday :) I'll compile the nails that I've done between the last blog and today just for the heck of it but not today. I'm a tired person.

So for my birthday my sister offered to do my nails, I let her to 5 nails out of my 10. For a beginner using dotting tools and thin brushes she did an amazing job. :) I let her do the right hand, except the ring finger but on my left hand I let her do the ring finger. I did the other four on my left hand because I was too fidgety and my sister is knitting, lol.

Results: (I took these pictures as soon as I typed this) ;3
Left hand
Right hand
The design on the left hand are candles, representing 20 years of my life, the rhinestones are just something me and my sister agreed would look amazing.
I used (left hand):

  1. Beauty Secrets Base Coat on all nails.
  2. Thumb and pinky I used Essie, Licorice.
  3. Pointer finger and middle finger I use Sinfulcolors, Glass Pink.
  4. For the candles I used Essie, Master Plan (mixed a tiny bit of black on the pink nails to stand out).
  5. For the flames I used Sally Hansen X-Treme, Mello Yellow and OPI, Orange (I own the sample bottle and don't know the name of it).
My sister used (right hand):

  1. Beauty Secrets Base Coat on all nails.
  2. (Thumb and pink were modeled after my favorite pillow that I cannot sleep without) Thumb and pinky my sister used Essie, Licorice. Variety of colors for the dots and stripes. 
    • Green: Hot Topic neon green, coated on top with lime green glitter.
    • Blue: Hot Topic blue, coated on top with OPI, Absolutely Alice.
    • White: Sally Hansen white, coated on top with white glitter.
    • Yellow: Sally Hanses X-Treme. Mellow Yellow, coated on top with yellow glitter.
    • Orange: OPI orange sample, on top with orange glitter.
    • Pink: Sinfulcolors, Glass Pink, coated on top with pink glitter.
    • Red: Piggy Polish (cannot remember the name), on top with red glitter.
    • Purple: Piggy Polish (cannot remember the name). on top with purple glitter.
  3. For the pink she used the purple, yellow, lime green and orange listed above.
  4. For the pointer finger and middle finger she modeled the fingers after the movie Up from my choice. 
    • Hot Topic white, on top Isa Dora translucent blue (cannot remember the name) and a variety of colors for the balloons, too many to recall, for the strings OPI, You Don't Know Jacques.
  5. On the ring finger I used glitter to cover the nail. I bought glitter from my local art supply store.
  6. I coated on all 10 nails with Seche Vite.
Here's a picture of my pillow just for show. The stripes is the back side. 

Friday, March 11, 2011


So I have been slacking on nail art these days. I did one last week, gave me hell but I didn't get to snap a photo.
A lot of things went wrong while trying to achieve the nail art:

  • Konad stamping went a bit crazy since I was doing it in my room rather than the usual place, the bathroom.
  • My left pointer finger kept getting scratched or messed up somehow. I had to remove and re-apply base coat, nail polish and Konad design.. 
  • My Seche Vite top coat got all gooey on me so I had to use a different one. Thank goodness I had one. 
  • My rhinestones fell off, I only had them on my ring finger. 
The lack of my presence on here has been killing me a bit. So I created a youtube video of a collection of all the nail art and nails I've had over the year or so. Here it is:


Thursday, February 24, 2011

"A Thousand Splendid Suns"

Last night I attended Linkin Park's concert and I'm still in shock. I've been a fan since I was 10, I'm currently 19 so I guess after 9 years I felt what I should have a loooooooooooong time ago: VERY HAPPY.
For the occasion I had more time than I did for the Weezer concert. I spent a lot of time on the detailed work, no one's perfect so when I was doing my right hand I failed so badly. :3
Results: I took this picture right after I was finished, you can tell by the messiness.
Products used:

  • Beauty Secrets base coat
  • Essie's 'Licorice' varnish
  • *Excluding the ring finger* Sinful Colors 'Glass Pink', only one coat to get the metallic effect.
  • *Ringer Finger* I made a blend of my own to get the grey glittery varnish. (You can't see the glitter) I blended all the listed:
    • Sally Hansen's White 
    • Sinful Colors 'Glass Pink'
    • *DISCONTINUED* CoverGirl glitter top coat
    • OPI's 'Lucerne-taintly Look Marvelous'
  • I took a 10/0 thin paint brush and painted in the logo.
  • Finished off with Seche Vite top coat. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

After the M&M nails I wanted to do Skittles inspired, then Tron inspired. I thought I should go with something simple yet cute and I was gonna hold off on the other ideas. What got me to do these nails is the beautiful weather that's occurring in my area in January. Awkward but very nice :) I also entered Daily Nail's contest to win the American Apparel nail polishes that are sooo gorgeous! I hope I win! :)
Today I came up with this design:
1. I started off with a base coat, the same jumbo bottle from Sally's Beauty Supply.
2. I used OPI's Moon Over Mumbai until it was blend between translucent and opaque.
3. Using OPI's Black Onyx I dotted on the pedals of the flower, some 5 pedals and some 4.
4. Took Milani's yellow nail art and made a yellow dot in the middle.
5. Taking a 2mm rhinestone I covered the yellow just a little so on some of the nails the yellow peekaboos under.
5. Took Love & Beauty from Forever 21 in Teal and a 10/0 brush from Simple Simmons art brush and made the stem.
6. Finished the nails with Seche Vite.

I decided to upload that video. Here it is!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two In One.

Before going to NY I did a quick nail polish to help my nails keep strong after the acrylics popped off. It wasn't anything special. Just 1 color and stickers.

When I came back I did this design with more stickers:
1) Primer
2) OPI'S Black Onyx
3) Wallgreens nail art sickers
4) Top Coat

Just yesterday, Tuesday, I got sick of looking at them and decided to do something fun. So I did M&M nails.
1) Primer
2) On the thumb I used LA Colors' Static Electricity, the pointer finger OPI's Atomic Orange, ULTA's Candy Red, Hot Topic's basic green and Milani's yellow nail art. 
3) Seche Vite top coat.