Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reunion & Birthday nails.

I've been slacking a lot with my commitment with youtube and my blog. I feel sort of obligated now that I'm on summer break. Though I only have 2 followers I feel that someday this blog will be a cool spot for cool kids to nik my ideas... someday :) I'll compile the nails that I've done between the last blog and today just for the heck of it but not today. I'm a tired person.

So for my birthday my sister offered to do my nails, I let her to 5 nails out of my 10. For a beginner using dotting tools and thin brushes she did an amazing job. :) I let her do the right hand, except the ring finger but on my left hand I let her do the ring finger. I did the other four on my left hand because I was too fidgety and my sister is knitting, lol.

Results: (I took these pictures as soon as I typed this) ;3
Left hand
Right hand
The design on the left hand are candles, representing 20 years of my life, the rhinestones are just something me and my sister agreed would look amazing.
I used (left hand):

  1. Beauty Secrets Base Coat on all nails.
  2. Thumb and pinky I used Essie, Licorice.
  3. Pointer finger and middle finger I use Sinfulcolors, Glass Pink.
  4. For the candles I used Essie, Master Plan (mixed a tiny bit of black on the pink nails to stand out).
  5. For the flames I used Sally Hansen X-Treme, Mello Yellow and OPI, Orange (I own the sample bottle and don't know the name of it).
My sister used (right hand):

  1. Beauty Secrets Base Coat on all nails.
  2. (Thumb and pink were modeled after my favorite pillow that I cannot sleep without) Thumb and pinky my sister used Essie, Licorice. Variety of colors for the dots and stripes. 
    • Green: Hot Topic neon green, coated on top with lime green glitter.
    • Blue: Hot Topic blue, coated on top with OPI, Absolutely Alice.
    • White: Sally Hansen white, coated on top with white glitter.
    • Yellow: Sally Hanses X-Treme. Mellow Yellow, coated on top with yellow glitter.
    • Orange: OPI orange sample, on top with orange glitter.
    • Pink: Sinfulcolors, Glass Pink, coated on top with pink glitter.
    • Red: Piggy Polish (cannot remember the name), on top with red glitter.
    • Purple: Piggy Polish (cannot remember the name). on top with purple glitter.
  3. For the pink she used the purple, yellow, lime green and orange listed above.
  4. For the pointer finger and middle finger she modeled the fingers after the movie Up from my choice. 
    • Hot Topic white, on top Isa Dora translucent blue (cannot remember the name) and a variety of colors for the balloons, too many to recall, for the strings OPI, You Don't Know Jacques.
  5. On the ring finger I used glitter to cover the nail. I bought glitter from my local art supply store.
  6. I coated on all 10 nails with Seche Vite.
Here's a picture of my pillow just for show. The stripes is the back side. 

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