Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's New?

Not a lot, actually. I do have a review I'd like to put out and what I've done with this product. I'm reviewing 'Kiss Everlasting French' faux nails, which can be purchased at any drug store.
This product isn't as spiffy and complex as salon acrylic/gel nails. I personally love my natural nails, I cannot stand having such heavy layers of anything on my nails, imagine acrylic! I've tried acrylic nails twice before and they're just too much to deal with and too chunky, not matter the thickness. These however are what breaks my opinions on faux nails in general. I thought, "Since it's cheap it might be okay." I ended up loving it! At this moment in time I am not wearing a pair because I only wear them when I don't have time to do my nails for an event (which is rare!) When I tried them the first time they lasted a week. Towards the end of the week I noticed the shine had gone and there was a bit of wearing on the edges. I realized that when I peel off the nail (lifting tends to happen) some of my real nail peels off but when they pop off by themselves the nail is perfectly fine! The glue that comes along is a gel glue and it has pink undertones so it looks even more natural. The glue doesn't damage your nail, which is a bonus because now I use the glue for rhinestones and sticking the rest of the faux nails on a pencil to do some art. If you're the type of gal that loves faux nails and cannot afford the salon price or time that it takes then this is a good place to settle because you will not be disappointed. Even the application process is simple! All you have to do is drop a tiny (less than half dime size) drop of glue on your nail and the faux nail and place, hold for 5 seconds (I hold for 15 for better results) and voila! 
The last time I wore these I decided to up the fun and add glitter. It was a pain in the neck because glitter goes EVERYWHERE. I do my nails in my bathroom almost always, like 99% of the time I'm stuck in the bathroom with my box of polishes and nail tools. By the time I was done my bathroom floor and rugs were beautiful because there was so much glitter, haha. I also find better ventilation in my bathroom and the smell doesn't bother anyone in my house. ;) I did these nails back in May and here are the results:

  1. When I opened the box, I pretty much knew the size of my nails because they're tiny. The picture doesn't do any justice because it's a close up macro picture. I didn't stick them on right away (which would have saved me soooo much time!) D:< But what happened happened, you learn from your mistakes :3
  2. I didn't do anything fancy like glue the faux nails on a stick but I did use tweezers. I once bought Sally Hansen clear top coat in 'Clear'd For Takeoff', it took forever to dry on regular nails and thought it'd be perfect for the job. I used it to cover the white French tips. 
  3. Using the tweezers I dipped the tips into the glitter. This one here is black which I purchased at my local craft store. 
  4. After a few times dipping the nail tip in glitter I let them dry off. After drying I took a brush (my typical Simply Simmons 10/0 paint brush, I use for detailing) to brush off excess glitter on and under the nail. 
  5. Coating the nail with a few thick layers of Seche Vite to seal the glitter in and give a smooth surface. 

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