Thursday, December 16, 2010

Golden Cheetah.

This nail was about a week and a half ago: Sorry for the late-ness.

I usually don't do weird, funky colors or huge 3D nails. The most I go with 3D is sticker rhinestones and that's what I used this time around.
It took me forever to get a good shot. Please excuse the nasty cuticles. Yeesh!
I began with my regular base coat. I guess I'll explain details since I've got a lot of time to kill. :)

  • I started using a base coat a few months ago because I realized majority of my entire nail polish collection are staining my nails. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and grabbed a generic base coat and the biggest size so I won't be making so many trips. This is the one I use, it's a 2.5fl oz:

  • I think out of all the animal print in the world zebra, tiger and cheetah are my top 3, not in particular order.
How I achieved:

  1. Beauty Secrets Base Coat
  2. Finger Paints 'Key To My Art', two coats.
  3. Konad Image plate m57 with OPI 'Visions Of Sugarplum'. I think that's a limited edition for the holidays. My sister got it last year. I'm not sure if they're continuing it. 
  4. Just on the ring finger, I put sticker rhinestones that I cut individually from a set I bought at Walgreens. I carefully placed them in the middle of the cheetah design.
  5. Topped it off with Seche Vite top coat.
Konad Image stamping and plates...ARE AMAZING. I always use m57.. It was the first one I got and it's the pretty much the only one I use... I have more image plates but m57 is my GOTO. 
I got the scraper, the generic one with the one sided silicone pick up/stamper.

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